Turkey Hunts

“I can honestly say it was one of the best times I have ever had turkey hunting. The lodge is cozy and you feel at home. The best part about Bruce is he really wants to see you get your turkey and makes the necessary changes to do so. Bruce had several farms scouted and birds gobbling. I want to say thank you to the Osceola Adventures crew, Bruce and Sally you made my week amazing and I have some great memories. Keep up the great work and keep in touch… I will see you next year!!!”

Shane Armand, LA

"I want to express my appreciation to you for guiding my first successful Osceola turkey hunt. You gave a 100% effort to make my hunt enjoyable and informative while bringing a bird to the bag. You live in a beautiful part of our great nation and it was a pleasure hunting with you.”

Audrey Balentine

“Bruce’s business is well named. He really knows Osceola turkeys, and leaves no details to chance, particularly in the set-up. He has great leases and it was a pleasure to hunt with such an expert.”

Robert Mays

“This was the first guided hunt I have ever been on, and I could not have asked for a better experience. Bruce is a great guide and turkey hunter, and Mrs. Sally is an awesome photographer! I have never seen someone so intent on the success of their client. Bruce really works hard to ensure you have a great time and at least a shot at an Osceola gobbler! I just met him, but feel like I have known him forever. Thanks Bruce and Sally!”

Justin Barnes

“I finished my slam with Bruce and I will say that he made it fun. We hunted one area and the birds weren’t there. Bruce was quick to get us to another area. It was a huge orange grove a few miles south and he knew exactly what the turkeys were doing. He had a great set up for Tom and myself. We saw lots of birds and took two nice toms. I would not hesitate to recommend hunting with Bruce. He knows his birds and works very hard to see that the hunter not only gets his bird but has a great time doing it. I have hunted with many guides and can honestly say that none of them worked any harder than Bruce.”

Dave Bessine, IA

“Great hunt. Bruce went out of his way to get us in front of birds, very passionate about turkey hunting. Successful hunt, made a friend, still calls to see how it’s going. Thank you.”

Tom Rowley

“I had the opportunity of hunting with Bruce at Osceola Outdoor Adventures during the second week of their April 2015 turkey season. I had an absolute blast! When I first booked the hunt, I explained that I was a run and gun style hunter and did not want to hunt over bait or out of ground blinds. Bruce certainly met my request and expectations. During my three-day hunt, we hunted hard every morning and evening over many different types of terrain including swamp bottoms, open fields, and orange groves. This was a fully guided hunt and Bruce let me make it my own hunt allowing me to do my own calling. The amount of land that Bruce has access to is incredible and the number of birds it holds is even more incredible. This was a challenging and exciting hunt and one I plan to do in the future.”

James Adams

“I recommend Bruce to be your hunting guide if you are seeking a wonderful Osceola turkey hunting experience. For many years, I have fished and hunted in various locations across the U.S. and Canada, but had never hunted for a turkey. I had a lot of friends who raved about turkey hunting and I had committed to myself to get a turkey hunt under my belt at some point. I had met Bruce at a church fund raiser, and found him to be very enthusiastic, and it was easy to see how much he loved hunting and the outdoors. After conversing with him, I decided that is was time to try my first Osceola turkey hunt led by Bruce. As I mentioned, I had always heard how much fun turkey hunting was, and it was everything and more, thanks to Bruce. Bruce put us on some nice big toms (one is now on my wall in the game room), and filled our days with a lot of interactions with various turkeys included other toms, jakes, and hens. Bruce loves the hunt and he knows the intricacies of calling, of the bird’s tendencies and behaviors, and many other elements that are extremely important when trying to bag a turkey. What was particularly nice about hunting with Bruce is that he makes you feel like he is just one of the guys hunting together. His enthusiasm and knowledge of the animal and his respect for the game, makes the hunt so rewarding that you are ready to book your next hunt with him as soon as you have finished your present hunt. And the bottom line is that I have had successful hunts each time I have hunted with Bruce, always taking home my Osceola. My last hunt with Bruce was with my teenage daughter she never hunted turkey, before but now she is asking when the next one will be. I will be hunting with Bruce once again in April, and am looking forward to it already. I am hooked on turkey hunting now, and I thank Bruce Balentine for that.”

John C Shields, FL

“As someone who has donated auctioned hunts for the past 10 years myself, I knew what was expected. What I didn’t know was the result. Bruce Balentine showed me a new level of excellence and expectation that I haven’t experienced no provided to clients myself. He personally wants 100% success for his paying clients as well as those like myself who benefited from buying and auction hunt. During our full 2-day hunt, at no time did Bruce ever convey a sense of end of season excuses like I have heard or even used myself on past donated hunts. Our hunt ended literally in the last hour and I must thank Bruce for his diligence and never give up attitude. He truly defines the word excellence when it comes to serving his clients. I have already recommended Osceola Adventures and Bruce Balentine to many acquaintances looking to fulfill their own Osceola dreams.”

Tim Keller, Valdosta, GA

"Bruce is an excellent woodsman and an exceptional turkey caller. He will work tirelessly to insure that you have a great time as well as a shot at an Osceola gobbler. Hunting with him was one of my highlights of my turkey hunting career. If you want a quality Osceola turkey hunt, look no further than Osceola Adventures!"

Jeff, AL

"I retired and wanted to get my grand slam in three months. Thanks to Bruce I got an awesome start when he led me on my great hunt for my first Osceola turkey. I was able to also see parts of beautiful Florida thanks to Bruce treating me as a friend and not just a client! I highly recommend Osceola Adventures for the best hunting adventures!"

Mike, KY

“Came down to Osceola Adventures to finish out a Grand Slam. Bruce had me on birds the first day but not any I wanted to take. The second day we had some nice mature birds come in and I took one. It was a good hunt and nice scenery.”

Jesse Whitlock 

“Had a blast with Bruce at Osceola Adventures. Bruce works really hard to make sure he presents you with that opportunity to harvest a bird. He is thoroughly prepared and is a high-energy guy. After spending a day or two with Bruce, you will feel like you have known him forever. Do yourself a favor and have your gun patterned and know what range you are comfortable with. Another word, be prepared for when you are presented with that opportunity because Bruce will be. Can’t wait to hunt with him and Sally (of course I had to include her) again.”

Bubba Gallaway, AL

“Bruce, thanks for keeping me posted on all your hunts and it’s great to hear of your 100% success rate for this season! That’s quite a record and I doubt there are many guys that can claim it. Bruce did an incredible job of planning and executing our hunts: from managing pressure, scouting, communicating what to expect with us, every detail, all the way to the final calling duel with a big Osceola long beard was flawless. Best! Thanks!” Jeffrey Morgan, TN


“Unbelievable hunt!! Literally the most text book hunt I have ever been on. Bruce was an awesome guide and knew his properties very well. I would highly recommend him and Osceola Adventures to anyone that wants to kill an Osceola and have a great hunt. I also finished my grand slam on my birthday thanks to Bruce!”

Fred Allen


“Amazing properties, hunt, and guide. After my father got his bird in the morning Bruce hunted with me all day until I got my bird that afternoon/evening. He is extremely patient, caters to how clients hunt, and knows the birds on his properties. I saw more birds in one location than I ever have while hunting in that orange grove. Thanks for getting me the final bird on my grand slam!! If you want an amazing hunt with an awesome guide on unbelievable properties, then don’t need to go any further than Osceola Adventures.”

Brian Allen

Gator Hunts

​“Bruce is one of the hardest working, and one of the most prepared hunting guides I have met in my long career. His number one concern was that I had a great hunt and successfully take a trophy alligator. With a looming hurricane that was going to greatly affect my hunt, Bruce showed his brilliance when it came to hunting gator on the St. Johns River and I took a wonderful trophy on the second morning of my hunt. I want to thank the entire Osceola Adventures crew for the hard work they put in a shortened hunt so I could have a wonderful hunting memory. And finally, I would like to thank Bruce and Sally for showing me an amazing time along with making me feel like I was at home. I came as a stranger and left as a friend!” 

Rodger Giesige, Owner: Stoney Creek Adventures Hunting Consultants


“I want to thank Osceola Adventures for a great experience. The accommodations, food and camaraderie was super. The enthusiasm of Bruce during the hunt was equaled only by the enthusiasm of Sally in documenting the experience through her photographic skills. There is no doubt in my mind that they were both obsessed that I leave with a gator. I am also appreciative in the guidance in the after care of my gator. I will certainly spread the word about Osceola Adventures to my friends and I have no problem putting my “seal of approval” on the hunt you gave me to anyone.”

Eric, GA


“This was my first experience alligator hunting and it was a real thrill to haul in an alligator that was over 11 ½ feet. Bruce and his crew did a superb job. The accommodations were nice and comfortable, overlooking the river. I would recommend Osceola Adventures to anyone wanting a hunting experience they will never forget.”

George, TN


“Going with Mr. Bruce was my first experience gator hunting. And I am very appreciative that I had him as my guide He takes you step by step of what’s going to happen. Gator hunting gives you a big rush. If you think deer hunting gives you a rush just wait till you try gator hunting. I would do it every day if I could!”

Becca, GA


“I’ve hunted gators with Mr. Bruce two years running. He always puts us on the gators and I have taken 2 that were over 9 feet each time. The excitement level is always high. Thank you for an awesome time! See you next year!”

Jack, GA

“Bruce, I Just wanted to let you know what an amazing time we had alligator hunting with you at Lake Dexter in August of 2013. This was our second exotic hunt experience with you and we hope to plan more in the future. Your ability to put us exactly where we needed to be for each gator was exemplary. What a thrill it was to land such a great trophy- having an opportunity to hunt under your guidance was truly a thrill and I look forward to being able to see you again soon. A special thanks to your family for all the assistance especially your daughter Avery- she proves to be a great and knowledgeable up-and-coming guide! Thank you again for a wonderful experience. This made for great memories that will last us forever.”

Rick Vigne, FL 

“Bruce, we have now hunted and fished together for over 20 years. Back to that first hog hunt at Hickory Hammock. So many moons ago. Watching you grown as a woodsman has and seeing you discover your passion has been a blast. Both of us have taken so much of our time over the past 20+ years, to ensure that our chosen sport will have a future. As we have both spent so much time with our kids in the woods and on the water. Besides getting to spend quality time with our kids, you learn patience, safety, attention to detail, and you have learned how to be an enthusiastic host. Man, it is amazing how this has carried over to your guide business. Your gator hunts are the most unique, exciting, heart pumping, knee shaking hunt I have ever experienced! As you know I have had the pleasure to hunt and fish all over North and Central America. I have killed huge boar hogs with my bow, pope and young elk, marlin in Mexico, and sailfish in Costa Rica. Nothing and I mean nothing makes your heart beat quite like a bull gator when you get his spinning, biting, tail whipping bad self-up on the boat. You are the most enthusiastic and most safety conscious guide I have ever hunted with! Your attention to detail and commitment to your customers sets you so far apart from the others. Your willingness to go the extra mile to make your hunters have the experience of a lifetime is so rare. You literally take your hunters happiness so personally. I have never hunted with any guide that is willing to go the extra mile or 10 to ensure your hunters success. Having that pretty lady (Sally) sitting on the back of your boat taking pictures and filming the entire adventure is the cherry on top. You really do an amazing job!!! With our work schedules and kids, we hadn’t had much of a chance to turkey hunt together until last year. Man, I’m so happy we got to spend some time in the turkey woods. Really, 9 strutters in a two-and-a-half-day hunt. Are you kidding me? Really? And all on video!!! I can’t wait to get back after them this year. The properties you have secured to hunt on are amazing and there is nothing better than hunting the Osceola turkey in Osceola county! Just like your gator hunts no detail is missed from the lodging to the prep of the kill. I love to hunt and I live for exciting hunting adventures. And if I get what I pay for I’m thrilled. Hunting with you is not getting what you pay for, it’s far more than that. Your hunters come for a hunt and leave as friends with a truly wild Florida adventure that any sportsman will cherish forever. Can’t wait until the next adventure!!!!”

Britt Barnes, FL


“Let me begin by just saying how sorry I am that my first thoughts upon purchasing this hunt, which you had so kindly donated to the NWTF, were that it would be like my other “auction hunts”-merely showing or façade of a hunt. I could not have been more wrong. It was apparent to me from our first meeting that the enthusiasm and quest for success was real and sincere. The next few days proved that correct. It was immediately apparent from the condition of your equipment that you took this gator hunting seriously. The designated location of each piece was clearly based on experience. As a first-time gator chaser, I was unaware of the importance of such placement until we hooked one. It is now obvious. Anyway, I wanted to thank Osceola Adventures for a great experience. The accommodations, food and camaraderie were super. The enthusiasm of Bruce during the hunt was equaled only by the enthusiasm of Sally in documenting the experience through her photographic skills. There is no doubt in my mind that you were both obsessed with being sure that I left with a gator. I now know how you have continued last year’s 100% success rate…hard work and determination. I am also appreciative of your guidance in the after care of my gator. It was so easy due to the many contacts you have cultured from processing to taxidermy. I will certainly spread the word about you to my friends who express an interest in a gator hunt. I certainly have no problem in putting my “seal of approval” on the hunt you gave me to anyone. You are more than welcome to use me as a reference should anyone request an independent review of your hunt."

Eric Hearn, GA

“Bruce just wanted to send you a thank you from June and I for the hospitality you gave us on our trip to Florida! I have been an outfitter and guide for over 25 years so I do understand the business a little bit. You have a top-notch outfit, great accommodations, fantastic food, new equipment and very professionally done! I enjoyed your family and especially the Cajun music! We got a ton of pictures and wished I could’ve stayed a few more days and we are planning on coming back. I would very highly recommend to anybody the trip and also yes, I did get a bonus the alligator I went for!! Great hunt thanks!”

James Coppedge, NM, Owner of Pack-N-Horns Outfitter

“My gator hunt was with Bruce Balentine of Osceola Adventures was a real pleasure. Owner Bruce Balentine made scheduling the hunt a very pleasant experience, he worked with me and my busy schedule to find a date that would work. He is thoroughly customer focused and a very good GATOR guide. His boat and all the equipment needed for the gator hunt was all first class. He and his assistant Carl displayed excellent skills and knowledge of harvesting big gators. Accommodations could not have been more convenient; his boat was docked immediately behind them room. While hunting with Bruce it was very evident he was committed to me taking the best gator we could locate during the legal hunting hours. After taking an 8 ½ footer early, he insisted we stay till the end of legal hunting hours to attempt to take a larger one. He was wise to do so; we harvested an 11-footer just 30 minutes before the end of legal bunting hours. Bruce handled all the transportation of the gators and the processing and packaging of meat for a very reasonable fee. Bruce Balentine and “Osceola Adventures” is a big supporter of the National Wild Turkey Federation. I purchased this hunt at one of our fundraiser banquets. I look forward to hunting again with “Osceola Adventures” and Bruce Balentine in the future.”

Marvin Hartley, FL

“Bruce, Thanks a million for a first-class gator and turkey hunt. We truly had a great time and continue to talk about all the opportunities we had to bag the gator of our choice. The scenery we saw can only be seen on a hunt like this. We appreciate the good-natured learning experience on the many ways to take a gator. Your equipment was first class as was the entire trip. The cabin was perfect on the water with great food and drink a stone throw away. I know I, my son-in-law and nephew will enjoy the mounted trophies for many years. I especially want to thank you for the way you treated all of us young and old. Great time, great people, and can’t wait till next time!

Chuck Vigne, FL

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